Winter 2020 Gym League

Winter 2020 Gym League season is temporarily postponed due to the COVID-19 viral pandemic. We will contact team captains once the season resumes.

Fall 2019 Gym League

Congratulations to Dirty Birds, Kitchener Barons, Flyers, & Young Guns for winning your respective division championship!

Spring 2019 Arena League

Congratulations to Beached Whalers and Marlboro Red for winning your respective divisions!

Have a great summer everyone and hope to see you all back for our Fall gym league!


Winter 2020 Gym League

League runs from late January to the last weekend of March

Weekend games mostly on Sunday mornings and some Saturday afternoons

Registration closes Jan 1, 2020

Team fee $1,100 and Individual fee $110

Players must be eighteen (18) years of age and up

Offering multiple divisions

Fifteen (15) players max per team

Guaranteed ten (10) games

Team Registration Payment Plan:

First payment is $300 due by Jan 19, 2020

Second payment is $400 due by Feb 2, 2020

Remainder of the payment is due by Feb 23, 2020

If paying by cheque, please make cheque out to WRABHL

If paying by cash please contact Sam or Justin for payment drop off/pick up

Team roster must be submitted to Sam via email by Jan 14, 2020

Please include team name, tier, rep name, players on team, and their jersey numbers


Winter 2020 Season

Winter 2020 Gym League Schedules & Scores

Tier I Schedule

Tier II Schedule

Tier III Schedule

Winter 2020 Gym League Standings

Tier I Season Standings

Tier II Season Standings

Tier III Season Standings

Winter 2020 Team and Player Stats

Tier I

Ball Handlers Dirty Birds Kings Kitchener Barons Whalers

Tier I Top Goal-tender Stats Tier I Top Scorers Stats

Tier II

Atomic Max and the Nuclear Boyz Dirty Mitts Flyers Saucy Nuggets Sunnyvale

Tier II Top Goal-tender Stats Tier II Top Scorers Stats

Tier III

Bandits Diamonds MA FOL Moose Knuckles The Warriors

Tier III Top Goal-tender Stats Tier III Top Scorers Stats

Fall 2019 Season

Fall 2019 Gym League Schedules & Scores

Tier I-II Schedule

Tier III-IV Schedule

Fall 2019 Gym League Standings

Tier I-II Regular Season Standings

Tier III-IV Regular Season Standings

Tier II Post Season Standings

Tier III-IV Post Season Standings

Fall 2019 Team and Player Stats

Tier I-II

Ball Handlers Dirty Birds HulkSuperBatman Kitchener Barons SO Bees

Tier I-II Top Goal-tender Stats Tier I-II Top Scorers Stats


Bandits Dirty Mitts Flyers FOL Saucy Nuggets Sunnyvale Warriors Young Guns

Tier III-IV Goal-tender Stats Tier III-IV Top Scorers Stats

Spirng 2019 Season

Spring 2019 Arena League Schedules & Scores

WE Schedule

Spring 2019 Arena League Standings

Regular Season Standings

Post Season Standings

Spring 2019 Team and Player Stats

Weekend Tier I-II

Beached Whalers Chiefs Dirty Nuggets Flyers Flying Vees Kings Kitchener Barons Marlboro Red Tropics

Tier I-II Goal-tender Stats Tier I-II Top Scorers Stats

Spring 2014 Team Photos

Beer Bandits

Weekday Tier I | Beer Bandits

Black Hawks

Weekday Tier I | Black Hawks


Weekday Tier I | Ducks


Weekday Tier I | Jackals

Kountry Kings

Weekday Tier I | Kountry Kings

Spread Eagles

Weekday Tier I | Spread Eagles

Ball Hoggs

Weekday Tier II | Ball Hoggs


Weekday Tier II | Bi-Winners

Blazing Cobras

Weekday Tier II | Blazing Cobras


Weekday Tier II | Brewskies


Weekday Tier II | Furies

Panther Snakes

Weekday Tier II | Panther Snakes


Weekend Tier I | Kings

Mighty Ducks

Weekend Tier I | Mighty Ducks

Wolf Pack

Weekend Tier I | Wolf Pack

Boshoku Badgers

Weekend Tier I | Boshoku Badgers

Breakfast Kings

Weekend Tier II | Breakfast Kings


Weekend Tier II | Moose

Orange Crush

Weekend Tier II | Orange Crush

SO Bees

Weekend Tier II | SO Bees


Weekend Tier II | Sunnyvale

2018 Winter Gym League Champions


Dirty Birds

Tier I Champions | Dirty Birds



Tier II Champions | Flyers


Ball Handlers

Tier III Champions | Ball Handlers



Tier IV Champions | FOL


Cloutsnchara Elite

Coed Champions | Cloutsnchara Elite


Past Fall Gym League Champions
Past Winter Gym League Champions
Past Spring Arena League Champions
Past Regional Tournament Champions

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